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Ci voglio poche parole per descrivere questo libro che è allo stesso tempo affascinante e tragico. Ho trovato così pregnante e perfetta la recensione fatta da tal Cassy su GOODREADS che vi invito ad andare a leggerla.

Questo libro è stato un dei primi che ho consigliato ad una cliente affezionata in libreria che poi si è fatta fuori tutta la sua bibliografia.

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Il 10 maggio 1996 una tempesta colse di sorpresa quattro spedizioni alpinistiche che si trovavano sulla cima dell’Everest. Morirono 9 alpinisti, incluse due delle migliori guide. Con questo libro, l’autore, che è uno dei fortunati che riuscirono a ridiscendere “la Montagna”, scrive non solo la cronaca di quella tragedia ma intende anche fornire importanti informazioni sulla storia e sulla tecnica delle ascensioni all’Everest. Offre inoltre un esame provocatorio delle motivazioni che stanno dietro alle ascensioni ad alta quota, nonché una drammatica testimonianza del perché quella tragedia si poteva evitare.

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  1. Riporto qui la recensione di CASSY su GOODREADS:

    Life got you down? Then join us on a guided expedition led by Capital Idiocy Inc. as we climb to…

    The Summit of MOUNT EVEREST

    For the bargain price of $65,000,[1] we will take you on the adventure of a lifetime full of scenic views,[2] camaraderie,[3] and athleticism.[4]

    Worried that you lack the necessary climbing experience?
    Don’t be discouraged![5] While Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world, it is not the most technically challenging climb. And in addition to our expertise and mentorship, we will have the support of the local populace, the Sherpa, to handle the basic logistical arrangements so that you can focus on the prize.[6]

    Never been above sea level?
    Don’t sweat it! We will prepare you for the high altitudes with our carefully developed Acclimatization Program.[7]

    Sensitive to the cold?
    We have you covered…with the best protective clothing available![8]

    When the time is right,[9] we’ll organize the final push to the summit where you will enjoy the exhilaration of being the King/Queen of the world.[10]

    Remember your safety and health are our top priority![11]

    What are you waiting for? There is limited space! Call us today at 1-800-YOU-DEAD to sign up.[12]

    [1] Does not include airfare to Nepal and subsequent FedEx expenses when we return your personal belongings to your grieving spouse in [insert idyllic American town here].

    [2] Just avert your eyes from the dead bodies along the trail. They have been there for years. Honestly, after the first one, you won’t notice them anymore.

    [3] Well, most of the people are great. Some of them suck big time…when it matters most too. They’ll pass you over for dead THREE TIMES before they put some effort into helping you.

    [4] Just kidding! We’ll provide bottled oxygen at the higher altitudes.

    [5] Seriously, zero experience is required. We’ll take anyone.

    [6] That’s an understatement! We would be screwed without these guys. They cook, carry the heaviest loads, and lay out the ropes. Essentially they take care of the most dangerous tasks for a fraction of what we pay our Western guides. Plus they always have a delicious, steaming cup of tea ready when you reach your tent.

    [7] It really is a good program. But you can never be 100% sure how high altitude will affect individuals. We’ll do our best to help if you develop High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) where your brain starts leaking fluids, but remember at the top of a mountain, there is only so much we can do. And again, that’s not much.

    [8] But it’s still damn cold up there. And if a storm hits and you cannot find your way back to camp? Oh boy! Get ready for a windchill exceeding 100 below zero. And frostbite. Lots of frostbite. Plus what good is all that gear when people keep losing their mittens and we find the deceased half-stripped?

    [9] Did you not read the previous footnote? Storms. They can come out of nowhere.

    [10] For a few minutes at least. Plus we use the verb “enjoy” loosely. You won’t have slept or eaten properly for days. You’ll be physically spent. And with your severely handicapped mental capabilities, you may not even realize where you are. Heck, you may not even be at the top in actuality! Some losers mistakenly thought they’d reached the top and placed all their trinket flags. They were off by a good 500 feet. (Plus they died on the way down. Double losers.)

    [11] Now that’s just a lie. Our number one priority is getting you to the summit, no matter the risks. Otherwise you’ll run home and whine that we turned you around 200 feet from the top. You won’t think to thank us that you are alive to do said whining. And you’ll hurt business. Plus it’s hard as hell to keep you safe up there and you won’t be one quota of help. And health? Ha! You can hardly hold us accountable for the intestinal parasites you’ll contract in that camp where everyone shits in the open.

    [12] Having second thoughts? Look, why don’t you read Into Thin Air instead? You can read it at home in your bed, safe and warm. The author, that crazy guy, already climbed Mount Everest for you. He reminds me of travel writer, Bill Bryson with his accessible, factual, and tension-filled writing, minus the humor. Because climbing Mount Everest is not funny. Vicariously, that’s the only way I recommend climbing this one. (less)

    "Mi piace"


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